10 Thriving Businesses In Nigeria That Can Be Started With Less Than N20,000


So many persons desire to own a business but one major limiting factor is CAPITAL. Starting and maintaining a business is not easy especially with limited resources. Here are some business ideas that can be set up with less than 20,000 Naira.

However it is important to note that some of these businesses require some skill set.

1. LAUNDRY/DRY CLEANING: the world is getting busier, people have less time to get things done, things like laundry. Clothes can be washed and dry cleaned from your home. Care should be taken though not to damage clothes. Home pick-ups and delivery can be made. With affordable service charge business can thrive.

2. MOBILE MINI SNACK BAR: this can be set up in a busy place possibly close to a school or a busy business area. Set up a simple affordable stand, sell products that are in high demand and affordable. This has proven to be very lucrative for many.

3. HOME LESSON: we have to identify subjects we ourselves are good at, then approach parents of kids we know we can offer our services to. National examinations like the JAMB, WAEC, NECO are always of serious concern to parents and students, So there is room for a business opportunity.

4. BEAD MAKING: as mentioned earlier this requires skill in bead making however starting up the business does not require a lot of capital. Basic tools necessary can be purchased. Advertise products on your social media pages. Make quality ,affordable products and people will come do business with you.

5. POULTRY FARMING: this is a lucrative idea that can be started on a small scale. In the right environmental conditions, a comfortable structure can be set up for poultry birds. Do research on how to care for poultry birds because they can be very delicate. Poultry farming can be started with little capital but requires lots if time and effort to care for birds. During festive seasons poultry products and birds are in high demand.

6. BABY SITTING AGENCY: with the increase of working mothers there is also an increase in demand for baby sitters. This requires watching babies whenever their mothers are away, and sometimes it could also involve doing some chores around the house. This business is thriving in most urban environments.

7. LIGUID SOAP PRODUCTION: this is one booming business right now although it requires the technical knowhow. This products can be made and packaged from the house. Get a good customer base within family, friends, neighbors etc and watch the business grow.

8. OFFICE SUPPLY: most office workers are very occupied at work they rarely have time for personal shopping. Make yourself available to provide items they may need ranging from office supplies, fashion items, grocery. You can market your supply business by contacting local offices and inform them of our services.

9. PLANTAIN CHIPS: Nigerians love a good snack especially when stuck in traffic. One can go into the processing plantain into chips. Resources to start this business are really affordable and can be acquired with a reasonable budget. You can also take it a step further by marketing your chips to local super markets with the right packaging.

10. WEB/LOGO DESIGN: this also involves a skill but there is a growing and productive market for this business. You can acquire the necessary skill to go into this line of business. Whenever you get an opportunity of working for someone, make sure you give it your best so you can get referrals.

One quality of a good business idea is it’s a ability to fill a need. So it is imperative to keep your eyes and mind open to these opportunities. You can start small and grow into something improved and bigger so you should not let limited resources stop you from succeeding.

Article courtesy:

Kiebo Thomas
Guest Writer




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