5 Habits to Keep You Productive


Your daily small habits can affect your productivity either negatively or positively. Below are some habits which you can adopt to remain or improve productivity.

1. Plan your day in advance – It is important to work with a to do least, starting with the most important tasks first. Do not work without a schedule i.e attending to every task that comes up

2. Set time for Email and Social media – Smartphones and Internet are an important tool for your business, but can be a double edged sword. Set a specific time to reply to emails or messages. Do not attend to every email or message in real time, you can loose several hours to unproductive things without realizing.

3. Delegate – Don’t do everything yourself, you should delegate tasks to your employees so your can focus on key tasks.

4. Get enough sleep and exercise – Good sleep and exercising will keep your body perfect for productivity.

5. Have time for family and friends – As an entrepreneur, you have to work 24 hours a day or even more, but you have to find time to spent with your family and friends.




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