7 Business Success Tips You Can Learn From Cristiano Ronaldo


The success or failure of your business sometimes depends on how you’ve mentally equipped yourself. Although there are many successful business people, most people failed in their business attempts because they lacked proper orientation. Some are even successful at the beginning of their business but they later failed. A business can fail despite enough funding if some things are not done.

This piece explained seven things that have helped Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) to reach the peak of his career. They are observed about him and they are applicable to every business. Below are the seven business success tips learnt from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Establish your brand and let it reflect in all you do
Your Brand Identity is important. Everything about the Ronaldo Brand (CR7) revolves around Confidence – confidence on and off the pitch – from his stance on the ball, to his jubilation when he scores (this is even reflected in his brand logo). You brand basically needs the same union of ideas. Harmonize your mission, vision and action plans. Your website copy shouldn’t say a thing and your Press release, another. Let your logo stand for who you are.

Never get tired of being excellent
Ronaldo achieved greatness because he worked very hard to be excellent in his game. When asked how he came to have one of the best footwork in the league, Ronaldo said that he has been practicing his technique since he was very young. Even with the numerous awards he has won, he is constantly learning and improving his skills, not just for his team and fans, but for himself. This could be why Ronaldo was seen at the pitch – still practicing and working hard – only a day after he was awarded his second Ballon d’ Or as the best football player in the world. The biggest victim of success is complacency.

Master the Art of PR + Marketing
According to sports marketing firm, Repucom, In terms of overall marketability, globally, Ronaldo leaves the other European players in his wake,” said the firm which claims 83% of people around the world have heard of the Portuguese superstar. That’s a huge figure that tells so much the marketing of the Ronaldo. His annual income from sponsorship shows that he is indeed the Most Marketable Footballer. Ronaldo is also a superstar on social media with 113.5 million followers on Facebook and 44 million followers on twitter. He uses social media to offer prizes, request fan photos, refute alleged media falsehood and make special announcements. With such a huge fan-base, you don’t need to court the media like you used to.

Learn to Stand in the Face of Adversity
The defining moment of the 2006 World Cup for Cristiano Ronaldo came when he winked at the Portugal bench after fellow Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney was sent off for foul play on Ricardo Carvalho. The Press, the English fans and many neutrals interpreted the wink as joy at getting a club-side teammate sent off and what followed would’ve destroyed a lesser man. Ronaldo thought of escaping from England with Real Madrid offering a deal, but with assurance from Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney that everything was fine, he remained. Then he learned the importance of adversity. From the 2006-07 Season he became a completely different player, far stronger than before who was willing to take on everyone and anyone. He then went on to clinch three Premier League titles (2006-07, 07-08 and 08-09) and one European Cup in which Ronaldo wrote his name in gold in the game’s annals and then his journey to Real Madrid where he became much better, breaking innumerable records.

Learn to accept and correct your mistakes
When Ronaldo arrived at Manchester United, he was instantly labelled a diver by the press and he did have a tendency to go down easily. He also had a penchant for unnecessary showboating – doing stopovers when a simple pass would’ve sufficed. Opponents learned to pick him out but then he worked on those issues with the coaching staff and picked up the special knack that the best players have – of doing something extravagant only when the situation demanded it. Be humble enough to admit your errors, be wise enough to sift out the excesses and be courageous enough to correct your mistakes.

Your health and Physical fitness matters
Cristiano Ronaldo is known as one of the fittest athletes in the world today. Starting out as a skinny teenage football player in 2003, Ronaldo now possesses a physical body that not only allows him to play his best but has also provided him with several multi-million dollar endorsement deals. Being in top physical shape did not occur overnight for him. Cristiano Ronaldo maintains a strict health regimen that includes getting sufficient sleep, avoiding alcohol, sugar and tattoos, exercising regularly and eating a high-protein diet.

For non-athletes, the correlation between success and physical health might not be very obvious. You may not need to have the type of muscles Ronaldo has or have a diet and exercise plan as stringent as his; however, one has to realize that a healthy mind and body means more energy to do what we want in and out of work, be more confident and look better. Besides, what good is success if you are not able to enjoy the benefits of your hustle due to illness and disease?

Celebrate Your Achievements
From winning the World Footballer of the Year to the Ballon d’Or to jet-setting around the world and dating supermodel Irina Shayk to owing some of the most expensive cars, Cristiano Ronaldo definitely knows how to bask in the achievements of his prowess. You need to loosen up and relax your grip once in a while too lest you turn autocratic and dictatorial to your co-workers and colleagues. Take time to enjoy the finer things in life, even this, requires wisdom.

I believe you’ve seen that business establishment is beyond money alone. Although funding is very important, other things need to be done in order to achieve your business aims. Don’t read this article for fun but endeavour to put the points to test in your business. I shall be expecting your success story. Thanks for reading




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