7 Things You Should Be Mindful Of When Meeting Prospective Clients


The most important step for any entrepreneur to take in ensuring the success of his/her business is creating and maintaining customer relationships. Customers are the major determinants of the success of failure of your company; so in order to ensure the continuity of a business, you have to make a major impression on prospective clients.

The following tips are things to make sure of/avoid when meeting a prospective client.

  • Be prepared. Do your research, to understand what your client is looking for, what your competitors have and don’t have, why you are the best person in the business and so on.
  • Practice your presentation the worst thing that can happen is for you to forget your pitch or to get mixed up, so it is very important to tailor your presentation towards the needs of that particular client and practice the delivery before the meeting.
  • Dress and act professionally. Presentation is one of the most important things to consider when clients are selecting businesses to work with. Even if you own an informal business, dress smartly so that the client can be impressed and more open to listening to you.
  • Show up early. There is nothing more unprofessional than keeping a prospective client waiting. This portrays you in a bad light and makes the client doubt your ability to deliver work at the specified time.
  • Come with relevant materials for the meeting. A slideshow or a relevant presentation highlighting all the information about your business will show the client that you pay attention to detail and you are willing to go the extra mile.
  • Don’t get nervous or jittery, and don’t be overconfident. Clients like it when their business partners exude confidence in their abilities; however, one should avoid sounding cocky as that could cost you the business deal.
  • Remember to be friendly, easy going and attentive. During intervals, pause and ask if there is anything that’s unclear; and after the meeting, be sure to ask about any fears or concerns they may have. Also, remember to follow up with the client after the meeting.




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