Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital Part 3


The series of business you can start with little or no capital started way back with Part 1 and Part 2 and today, we”re continuing the series, thanks to Emmanuel Odoemelam.

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Emmanuel Odoemelam

Part 3 features the Aerobic Business

Any business idea can change your life if only you will be
willing to drive it to the point where it will change your life.

Ideas by themselves can’t make a person successful. The
potential of a business idea is only as powerful as the man behind the
idea. I would even go further to say that the man behind an idea is
more powerful than the idea.

So look out for the best business that suits your area of
strength and drive it to reality.

What will I be doing?

The fitness craze continues. In fact, it is big business. If you
enjoy helping people work toward fitness and weight-loss goals in a social
atmosphere – while keeping fit yourself – consider managing a full-time
aerobics studio in your home.

That’s right, in your home. You can provide the facilities for
classes or coordinate the use of an outside studio from your home.

What will I need to start?

The first requirement for a full-time home-based aerobics studio
is an interest in fitness and a strong desire to help others. You’ll also need
knowledge and skills. Start an aerobics studio after you’ve been a regular
customer of a studio for a year or more, you’ll then understand what customers
expect from a studio, what is available and how to reach new customers. You’ll
probably have the knowledge and skills to make your studio a success.

You’ll need other resources as well, including a space to hold
the class and some equipment, such as exercise mats and music equipment. Don’t
worry that your location may not be on a major highway. Many successful
aerobics studios operate in a school compound or an estate open space and draw
people who live within jogging distance. A few, manage the studio from home but
hold classes in an open field, rent a room in a commercial gymnasium or even
teach classes on-site at a local business.

Who will my customers be?

Customers for your aerobics studio include both students and
instructors. You can specialize in organising exercise classes for the elderly,
rent your studio to aerobics teachers who find their own students, give lessons
yourself or all of the above.

Finding your customers will be easier once you’ve decided how
you want to manage and run your studio. Look around to discover what customers
are not being served well. Ask your friends who are into aerobics and other
fitness programmes, then learn what your potential customers have in common
aside from exercise. Maybe they go to a specialized health food store in your
area or read a certain local publication.

How can I get started?

To start a successful aerobics studio you must know who your
best customers will be. Maybe they are your friends and acquaintances.
Maybe they are members of a fitness teacher’s group. Talk with them. Learn what
they want in a studio that they aren’t getting now. Then decide whether your
home or apartment is the best location for the classes or whether you should
rent a building. If so, find out where. Begin looking for an opportunity today
and within a few weeks you may be able to help others stay fit in your aerobics

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