Got An Innovative & Technological Solution for Agriculture? Apply for The Builders’ Challenge


The Builders’ Challenge is a project that looks to provide solutions to the problem of designing the next generation tools and equipment for the agricultural/food industry in Africa. The challenge is intended is to bring together (on one platform) engineers, farmers, architects, growers, students, agronomists, fabricators, and all kinds of makers with the goal of building highly functional and environmentally friendly tools that can solve real food production problems and spur economic prosperity whilst increasing competencies and drastically reducing unemployment and poverty.

The Builders Challenge aims to

  • To encourage the concept of making and building: By build highly functional and environmentally friendly agricultural and food production tools, to support small, medium and large scale producers.
  • Project Management knowledge and experience: Learn how to move seamlessly and successfully from idea, design, development and distribution of high quality farm tools produced in Africa, sold in African markets and exported to the rest of the world.
  • Develop practical business skills: Together with winners, the organizers will seek intellectual property, market, distribute and sell developed tools & equipment globally.
  • Sustainable Development: Contribute to Africa’s environmental, economic and social development.


  1. Submissions must be created by and owned by the applicants.
  2. Submissions must be steered toward building an innovative, highly functional and environmentally friendly agricultural and food production tool to support small, medium and big size producers.
  3. Submissions must:

(a) describe the specific problem/need that the proposed solution seeks to address

(b) describe the solution proposed to address this specific problem/need

(c) give true and valid information about the applicant


  • Must be available for one month from July- August 2017 to go through our full residency program of building, training, testing, prototyping, and radical iterations to build solutions.
  • The challenge is open to nationals of all countries worldwide within the ages of 18 to 35 . Participants’ ages will be determined as of the date he/she applies.
  • Must be willing to work remotely , full time or part time if selected as one of our top 3 winners for at least a year


Submissions will be judged based on the following

  • Clarity, scope and relevance of the problem and of the proposed solution;
  • Innovation and originality;
  • Feasibility of implementation;
  • Potential for impact.


-Stage 1: Application

Application deadline: Friday 16th June 2017 11:59 GMT

-Stage 2: Shortlist & Invitation

A list of the selected applicants will be published no later than 23rd June 2017. Selected applicants will also receive an email invitation.

-Stage 3: Residency Program

All selected applicants will be camped on the Kokrobitey Institute campus for a month (from 9th July- 9th August 2017). Accommodation and feeding will be provided during this period. This will be a period of learning through lectures and farm visits and a ton of practical implementation and prototyping in teams.

-Stage 4: Voting

Videos of all solutions developed within the residency program will be put up on the Agripro and iEcoAfrica websites and open to the general public to vote on the best ideas from 14th August- 25th September 2017.

-Stage 5: Grand Finale

The grand finale will take place on the second day of the Growing Businesses Together (GBT) Sustainable Finance & Investment Conference scheduled for October 2017.Each team will pitch their ideas along with the prototypes they made to a panel of judges and the audience at the GBT Conference. The three best teams will be selected. There will be other awards for individuals.

Visit the official Builders’ Challenge page for more details.





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