Orange Digital Ventures Looking To Invest Up To €100m In Early Stage Start-Ups.. APPLY NOW!!


Orange Digital Ventures is the strategic Corporate Venture Fund of the Orange Group. It is an early-stage, risk-oriented Corporate Fund whose primary goal is to accelerate your path to success.

The organisation is headquartered in Paris, France, but invest globally, with proactive detection and sourcing wherever Orange operates. Orange Digital Ventures was founded in 2015.
Orange Group Executive Committee members are directly involved in Orange Digital Ventures’ Steering Committee. This ensures strong alignment with Orange’s global strategy and guarantees valuable interactions for entrepreneurs with our executive leaders.

Orange Digital Ventures is ready to invest up to 100 Million Euros in early-stage startups. Funding rounds range from €200,000 to €3 million.

Orange Digital Ventures can lead and/or co-invest with no minimum ownership levels nor pre-set commercial agreements with Orange. The organisation simply comply with the applicable market standards for minority shareholders.

Sectors of Investment

  • New Connectivities
  • Enterprise Cloud & Data
  • FinTech
  • Internet of Things
  • New business models in Africa and the Middle East

If you’d like to move forward and apply for Orange Digital Ventures’ funding, the details below will help you complete your application and will provide the organisation with a better understanding of your startup. send a presentation including the following information:

  • General information (history, number of employees, geographical location)
  • Presentation of the business
  • Market and competitive advantages
  • Achievements to date (partnerships, revenue)
  • Capital structure
  • Funding sought

Add anything else you’re proud of, and once your application is complete, submit it. Orange will get back to you within 30 days.

For more details, visit the official Orange Digital Ventures page.


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