The Uses of Garlic in Poultry


Allicin, when ingested enters the body from the digestive tract and travels all over the body, where it exerts its potent effects. Garlic can be crushed and applied topically to prevent mite infestation.

Garlic is low in calories but rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Manganese. It also contains trace amounts of various other nutrients such as calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1.

In poultry the crushed cloves are added to water served to birds and this ensures gut health. Birds are usually given garlic -water mix as a form of deworming medication, these birds are free from internal and external parasites.

Garlic is high in sulfur thus exhibiting actions of sulfonamides drugs and as such are good for gastrointestinal infections

Poultry farmers normally seek immune boosters for increased productivity of their birds, garlic offers such benefits. Crushed garlic -water mix acts as a tonic to boost immune system and also enhance appetite.

Birds dosed with garlic-water mix grow faster and produce big eggs, while birds going into moulting   phase can be triggered to produce more eggs of bigger sizes for a longer period.

Birds fed on garlic have dropping that are non- offensive, as the sulfur in the garlic nullifies the offensive ammonia odor.

The crushed garlic gloves can also be added   directly to the dropping site to prevent offensive odor in the poultry house.

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